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Sneak Peek of Daeios: 140 Feet Down by Colleen Eccles Penor

I exhale a sigh of relief. I’ve been holding my breath, but oh, my God, we have to get out of here before someone comes and sees what Mother has done. Someone may have heard the shots. We’ll leave, and the rain will cover our tracks, but we have to hurry. I lay my gun on the table and step down from the RV to help.

Mother faces me, and she’s terrifying. She’s all sharp angles and shadows and smeared mascara. I expect a thunderbolt and lightning and a bloodcurdling scream, but there’s nothing but hammering rain. My mother is soaked, her skirt clinging to her slender legs, her white bra showing through her blouse, translucent with rain. Her wet hair looks black in the gloom. Loose tendrils hang from her previously tidy bun. If she’s concerned about having killed a man, she doesn’t show it. It makes me wonder if there’s something in her past I don’t know about.

I turn back inside to see Maya holding Jace. She’s rocking him as they weep quietly.

“Maya, come help with Dad. Hurry.” Jace lunges for Maya when she gets up, but she’s too quick for him to reach her. He continues to sob, his shoulders jerking. I doubt if he even knows what happened. I despise his weakness.

Maya’s still crying as we run toward Dad, and I want to cry, too, but I need to be strong for her if I can. We fight against the wind that pushes us toward Dad’s attacker. I don’t want to see him, but my eyes are fascinated by this abomination.

The man’s remaining eye, wide open and all black, stares at us as raindrops fall in the pool of blood collecting around what’s left of his head. I imagine evil spirits, their voices howling on the wind, are pulling us toward the man’s reach, and I panic, tugging too hard at Maya’s arm, but it breaks the spell, and we run to Dad.

Daeios: 140 Feet Down
by Colleen Eccles Penor
Genre: Dystopian Thriller

Print Length: 340 pages
Publication Date: November 9, 2019

They believed Daeios would be a safe haven.

They were wrong.

Fleeing apocalyptic weather, a young survivalist woman and her family seek safety deep underground. But a new danger awaits them.

When the leaders of the shelter announce their plans to repopulate the earth using all fertile females, Shea knows she will be forced to become a breeder. Horrified at her impending fate, Shea must make the gut-wrenching decision whether to breed with an elderly, sadistic man and bear his child, or to fight the breeding, knowing that defiance will endanger her life and that of those she loves most.

A dystopian thriller with overtones of The Handmaid’s Tale, Shea’s chilling story will appeal to readers with an interest in family and survival.

Contains mature situations and language.


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Colleen Eccles Penor wrote and illustrated her first children’s book, The Rubber Ducky, when she was seven, and sold it for 25 cents, keeping 100% of her royalties. She’s a United States Army veteran who served as a military police officer, where she learned survival skills and the use of multiple weapons, skills needed by the characters in DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN. This is her debut novel.

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Sneak Peek of Rogue’s Holiday by Regan Walker

Grillon’s Hotel, London, 1820

“I’ll return in a moment,” said Chastity as she rose from the table where she and Rose dined in their shared room.
Rose looked up, her fork paused in midair. “Are you going out…alone? You’re not dressed for town.”
Chastity considered her drab brown cotton gown that she had changed into thinking she would remain in their room. “No one will see me save the desk clerk to whom I will direct my inquiry.” The carriage ride to London had been plagued with muddy roads and much rain, and the drafty lobby had left her chilled. The fire kindled for them had begun to warm her but a glass of sherry would go far to completing the process.
“Do you wish me to accompany you?” Rose cast a look of longing at what remained of her braised veal.
“Nay finish your meal,” Chastity said, crossing the room to the door.
“Hurry back,” urged Rose. “I peeked under the silver dome that hides the sweetmeats. A most delectable selection.”
“They will go well with what I have in mind.” As she reached for the door handle, Crispin, who had been curled up before the fire, raised his head and opened his golden eyes briefly considering her before returning to his nap. The bumpy carriage ride to London had not been to his liking either.
Closing the door behind her, Chastity entered the corridor devoid of heat. She drew her shawl tightly around her and hurried downstairs to the lobby. She was dismayed to find no one at the front desk.
A single footman stood just inside the hotel’s entrance. She hastened toward him. As she did, she collided with a hard body, the impact forcing the air from her lungs. Stunned, she backed away, trying not to fall. With her eyes downcast, she placed her hand over her racing heart.
The first thing she noticed as she looked up from the tiled floor was a pair of black Hessian boots polished to a high gloss with a silver-white braid circling the top, ending in shimmering tassels. Boots that could only have been the creation of George Hoby, the first bootmaker in London, who had acquired a few of her father’s designs.
From the boots, her gaze traveled up long, muscular thighs encased in tight buckskin breeches. Hands fisted on narrow hips and an impatient sigh suggested he thought her in the wrong.
Impudent man! Oaf! He had run into her!
Her scrutiny continued up to the black claw-hammer coat he wore over a cinnamon suede waistcoat. His cravat was simply tied yet stylish.
“Well, Miss, have you had your fill of me?” he said in an amused tone.
Chastity met hazel eyes rimmed with green and pierced with shards of gold. A chiseled face with a strong jaw was framed by wavy dark brown hair and trim side-whiskers. Altogether an attractive man if she didn’t consider his smirk.
She could not abide men who thought themselves desired by all females, which he clearly did.
“What?” she said, her voice dripping sarcasm. “Is there to be no apology, no begging my forgiveness for nearly knocking a lady off her feet?”
“A lady?” His gaze boldly traveled the length of her. “If you be a lady, you are a very pretty lady, indeed.”
She glared at him, dismissing his compliment as insincere, one he likely gave to all women to whom he liberally doled out his charm. She would not be diverted by such undeserved flattery. “Pretty or plain makes no difference, sir. A gentleman who causes distress to a lady will make amends.”
“Not to put too fine a point on it, Miss, but whatever were you thinking darting across the lobby without a care of where you were going?”
So, there was to be no apology. Worse, a scold. “I knew very well where I was going, sir. It was you who apparently did not.”
“Very well,” he inclined his head, “if you insist. Allow me to make amends.”
Without warning, he took her by the waist and forcibly drew her to his chest, pressing his lips to hers in a burning, invasive kiss that left her breathless and her lips throbbing.
When he finally released her, she backed away, stunned, and covered her pulsing lips with her fingertips. Never had she been kissed in such a manner. And in front of a footman!
Before she could say a word, the arrogant rogue turned on his heels, crossed the lobby and disappeared through the door to the coffee house. The scent of cigar smoke wafted to her nostrils, making her grateful she had no business there.
Pressing her lips together, she fisted her hands and glared daggers at the door, imagining it was his back.
A moment passed as she made an effort to restore her calm demeanor. She ignored the footman, who stood like a statue next to the door.
At the front desk, she was pleased to see the clerk returning to his post.
She had meant to ask for two glasses of sherry but her encounter with the cad made her choice clear. “Sherry, if you please, a full bottle, delivered to my room.”
She would need more than one glass to forget the man’s arrogant kiss.

Agents of the Crown Book 5
by Regan Walker
Genre: Historical Romantic Adventure

Print Length: 265 pages
Publisher: Regan Walker Publishing
Publication Date: November 7, 2019

Robert Powell’s work as a spy saves the Cabinet ministers from a gruesome death and wins him accolades from George IV. As a reward, the king grants him a baronetcy and a much-deserved holiday at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton where he thinks to indulge in brandy, cards, good horseflesh and women.

But when Muriel, Dowager Countess of Claremont, learns of Sir Robert’s intended destination, she begs a favor…to watch over an “errant child” who is the grandniece of her good friend living in the resort town. Little does Robbie know that Miss Chastity Reynolds is no child but a beautiful hoyden who is seemingly immune to his charms.

Chastity lives in the shadow of her mother and sisters, dark-haired beauties men admire. Her first Season was a failure but, as she will soon come into a family legacy, she has no need to wed. When she first encounters Sir Robert, she dubs him The Rogue, certain he indulges in a profligate lifestyle she wants no part in.

In Brighton, Robbie discovers he is being followed by friends of the conspirators who had planned to murder the Cabinet. Worse, they know the location of Chastity’s residence.


Regan Walker is an award-winning, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romances. She writes historically authentic novels with real historical figures along with her fictional characters. Among the awards she has won are the International Book Award for Romance Fiction, the San Diego Book Award for Best Historical Romance, the RONE Award for her medievals and the Gold Medal Illumination Award.

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Book Spotlight: Zapata by Harper McDavid


Border Series Book 1
by Harper McDavid
Genre: Romantic Suspense
When engineer Avery McAndrews is offered a last-minute assignment to the rough and tumble border town of Zapata, Texas, she doesn’t think twice. Used to pushing past stereotypes, she’s sure this project will earn the long-awaited promotion.
Instead, she’s thrown in the crossfire between warring drug cartels and soon discovers that her captor, Javier Ramos, is more than just a power hungry drug lord. He’s crazy.
As lead attorney for the cartel, it’s Alejandro DeLeon’s job to manage Javier. But this time, Javier’s cruelty reaches epic proportions, and Alejandro finds himself wanting to risk everything to save Avery.
Running for their lives with Mexico’s underworld at their heels, Avery and Alejandro discover unintended and intensifying emotions, feelings neither sought and neither seem prepared to control…
As a child, Harper McDavid watched her mother ride the rollercoaster of writing books, swearing she’d never do it herself. But some things are just hardwired, and luckily for Harper the world has moved on beyond typewriters and ten-pound manuscripts.
Harper’s gritty romantic suspense incorporates her own background in science and engineering and work experience along the border. The result is a collection of brainy hard hat-wearing heroines that occasionally swap out their coveralls for the little black dress.
Harper is the mother of three daughters and lives in the foothills of Colorado with her husband, two dogs, and a fat cat. Her free time is spent traveling the world in search of that next story and perusing her local library for funny book covers.
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Meet The Author

Meet The Author: Interview with Lizzie Lee

Stopping Authors & Readers Book Corner today is Lizzie Lee, erotic romance author of the Colorado series. Lizzie is currently studying English Literature and has a love for all things books. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves watching movies, sketching portraits, and attempting Pinterest projects. Lizzie chats about the inspiration behind the latest book in her series, the deep topics it covers as well as lessons she has learned about publishing. Let’s jump into the interview.

A&RBC: What inspired you to write Jagged Hearts?

LL: After I released my first romance novel, The Blessing, I received a lot of questions regarding Veronica’s character. There’s a lot more to her story than what is found in The Blessing. I really wanted to give her a fleshed-out story of her own. Her character has dealt with so much and still finds a way to protect and defend the people she loves. She gives and gives, never considering how much giving can cost her. Veronica is a character I really fell in love with. Writing her has been a lot of fun and I really hope I will have the second part of her story out soon!

A&RBC: Jagged Hearts has deep topics such as loss and depression, how important were these to the story?

LL: I think it’s so important because these are such universal topics. Everyone deals with loss and the emotions that come with it. Everyone has found themselves questioning who they were. Many people—more than we probably realize—deal with depression, too. I think these topics are so important to discuss. Being able to relate to characters is so important because through them, you realize you’re not alone in your struggles. Everyone is fighting their own battles regardless of how nice their life may seem on the outside. I definitely think Veronica is one of these cases. Her life seems perfect and put together, yet she has so much darkness that she deals with on a daily basis.

A&RBC: Tell us about your characters Veronica Clark and Trevor Warren.

LL: Trevor Warren falls into an entirely new life at the beginning of The Blessing. His brother and sister-in-law have just died, leaving behind their baby for Trevor to take care of. His past is all over the place and when the story begins, he’s really in no place to be a father. However, Veronica, “Ronnie,” is there to help him along the way. She’s his neighbor with a past that is equally painful and as soon as they meet, they become friends. As the story progresses, their friendship becomes something much more.

I really love writing these characters. I especially loved writing Trevor. It was really interesting to get inside of his head and I felt that he really had a great voice. Writing really flowed easily when I was working on his character.

A&RBC: Why did you choose Colorado as the setting for Jagged Hearts?

LL: I had looked up small towns in America and came across Evergreen, Colorado. I looked at images of it and really loved the scenery and feel of the location.

A&RBC: What draws you to writing erotic romance?

LL: My friends and I were really into romance novels in high school. We would go to bookstores and find used paperbacks to read and would discuss them and laugh over the contents. Really, I always love a good romantic story. I love writing people as they fall in love while learning to love themselves, too. I can’t wait to see where writing romance takes me because I feel like there are so many stories waiting to be told. I already have a million different ideas floating around in my head—it’s so hard to focus on just one book at a time! I wish I could skip sleep so I could stay up all night every night and write.

A&RBC: Will you write in other genres? If yes, which ones?

LL: I don’t write any other genres—yet. I’ve always wanted to write horror, though. I grew up obsessed with horror novels, horror movies, and Stephen King. Hopefully one day I can achieve my dreams and write a few horror novels, too.

A&RBC: After releasing two books, what are some of the lessons you’ve learned publishing your books?

LL: Don’t rush the process. Every time I rush, I make mistakes—something always gets overlooked. Also, enjoy the adventure just as much as the destination. When writing gets tough, it’s easy to want to quit and procrastinate. It’s so important to set goals for yourself and stay on top of your project. You definitely want to control your work and not let your work control you. Truly, I can go on and on. However, I think the most important thing is just having faith in yourself and believing you can do it.

A&RBC: What’s next for Lizzie Lee?

LL: I’m finishing up my third book right now! When I’m not writing, I’m a college student. So, the process has felt really slow. I know I’ll be incredibly thankful when this book is done and I can move on to work on the book that’s been haunting me for months now.

In a few months, readers should see Tethered Souls which will be a part two to the book Jagged Hearts. After this release, Veronica’s story will be finished!

A&RBC: Will there be more books in the Colorado series?

LL: I have a few more books planned with characters that were in the first three. However, I have a standalone novel I’m really wanting to get out first. I can’t stop thinking about it and I know I won’t be satisfied until it’s published, too!

A&RBC: Where can readers find you and purchase the series?

LL: My books are available on Amazon! I’m also really active on Facebook and Instagram. Please give me a follow and message me!

About The Book

“Whenever I had found a sliver of happiness in the past, it had only lasted a short while. It had washed over me like ocean waves; it had passed while I had tried to stay afloat. However, I knew this time was different. Trevor was different. He wasn’t just a wave. He was the entire ocean.”

Veronica “Ronnie” Clark’s life had been far from easy. Since losing her mother as a young girl, she trudged through life with a guarded heart—afraid of loving or trusting anyone. Throwing herself into her work, she dismissed everything else … until a handsome stranger captured her attention, stealing her heart.

A tragic accident left a newborn baby orphaned, causing Trevor Warren to return to Evergreen, Colorado. Growing up as an outcast, the black sheep of his family, Trevor had always felt out of step with everyone else. His brother, Dean, had been the only person to understand him, and now that he was gone, Trevor feared he would never be able to connect with another person. With a baby to care for and a fractured heart, Trevor was drifting through life, only functioning. He feared his heart would never be repaired until he met her—a beautiful brunette with a broken smile. He had been drawn to her instantly, believing her love would smooth the edges of his jagged heart.

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