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Author Sharon C. Cooper shares A Passionate Kiss #giveaway

Retired Marine, Mason Bennett, has two goals: adjust to civilian life and keep drama out of it. His focus is on his role as part-owner, along with his siblings, of Atlanta’s hottest nightclub. However, his attention shifts when the woman he has loved like a sister reenters his life and thoughts of a passionate kiss they shared hijacks his mind. Their connection is explosive. Feelings he’s tried to deny come to the forefront, and he’s tempted to do something he thought he would never do—cross that line from friends to lovers.
TV news anchor, London Alexander, is back home in Atlanta and ready to start a new chapter in her life. This time she hopes her future includes Mason, the man she has loved forever. She’s ready to step over the forbidden line that he’s drawn in their relationship.
Will taking a chance on love lead to a happily-ever-after? Or will risking their friendship leave them both with broken hearts?

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About the Author

Sharon -author -2012- alternate

Award-winning and bestselling author, Sharon C. Cooper, is a romance-a-holic – loving anything that involves romance with a happily-ever-after, whether in books, movies, or real life. Sharon writes contemporary romance, as well as romantic suspense and enjoys rainy days, carpet picnics, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She’s been nominated for numerous awards and is the recipient of an Emma Award for Romantic Suspense of the Year 2015 (Truth or Consequences), Emma Award – Interracial Romance of the Year 2015 (All You’ll Ever Need), and BRAB (book club) Award -Breakout Author of the Year 2014. When Sharon is not writing or working, she’s hanging out with her amazing husband, doing volunteer work or reading a good book (a romance of course). To read more about Sharon and her novels, visit
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Review of Loyal by Yasmin Shiraz


Title: Loyal

Author Name: Yasmin Shiraz

Publication Date: August 28, 2016

Genre: Young Adult

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

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After loosing his father, Khalil wanted to belong to something outside of his mother and sister. He joins Duece Tres, a local DC gang hoping to become the leaders right hand man. Khalil is put to the test and his loyalty put in to question.

Tashera loves her brother, Khalil, he is her best friend. When she finds him on their doorstep half dead she goes into action to save him. When the doctor delivers bad news to Khalil, she is there to try to cheer him up. Tashera believes he should tell the truth no matter the circumstances. Khalil does the opposite, which changes Tashera’s view about the brother she’s always looked up to.

Loyal is about the bond between siblings, how easily it is to unknowingly hurt the other and understanding the true meaning of being loyal to a person. This book had a meaningful message but seemed rushed at the end and it started with a lot of telling not showing. Overall, the message of the book is needed and should be read by young adults everywhere.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes only.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley

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Interview with Joseph Lewis, Author of Stolen Lives


Joseph Lewis has published four books so far: Taking Lives, (August 2014) a prequel to the Lives Trilogy; Stolen Lives, (November 2015) Book One of the Lives Trilogy; Shattered Lives, (March 2015); and Splintered Lives, Book Three of the Lives Trilogy (November 2015), all in the thriller/mystery genre, and each has garnered outstanding reviews. Previously, Lewis published a short story, Dusty And Me (1989).  He writes a weekly inspirational blog, Simple Thoughts From A Complicated Mind, Sort Of located at .

Lewis has been in education for 40 years as a teacher, coach, counselor and administrator.  He is currently a high school principal and resides in Virginia with his wife, Kim, of 24 years, along with his daughters, Hannah and Emily.  His son, Wil, is deceased.

Get to know Joseph Lewis:

How would I describe my books?
I write thrillers with a lot of mystery and suspense. My main  characters are teenagers, and I would like to think that though I write thriller-fiction, my stories contain a message of hope, courage, and survival. All four books are currently found on Amazon. They are works
of fiction. It story centers on human trafficking, specifically children, and based upon my experience as a counselor and as an adjunct  educator who had volunteered with an organization dedicated to children who are missing and sexually exploited.

What type of research did I do for the book and what was most
personally interesting?
I think the facts from the Center for Missing Children, along with facts from the FBI site were interesting, but what was most interesting was listening to stories from kids and parents of those kids who had been abused and in at least one or two cases, still missing. It is that
agony, that pain, and the “unknowing” that I brought out in my book.

How do I relate to the characters? How does that help make them feel
more like real people?
My characters are very real to me. I see them. I hear them speak. I watch as they react. I tend to write visually and vividly, and from what I’ve read from the reviews, the readers seem to “picture” them and “see” them, too. I will say that I have a couple of favorites and I
think any reader will quickly tell who they are as they turn the pages.

How important was it to make the book realistic?

Without realism, any book becomes boring and a “cardboard cutout” and that doesn’t interest me in the least. Readers are so very smart, intelligent, and they can readily and intuitively feel when an author is lazy. I’ve been told that my books are too gritty and disturbing. Well, so is human trafficking and if I can disturb others, all the better because bottom-line, we need to protect our kids and educate the public. I take pride in making my stories real. If not, I’m wasting my time and the reader’s time.

What inspired me to write Stolen Lives and the Lives Trilogy and

Jacob Wetterling’s story. If you aren’t familiar with him, Jacob was taken at gunpoint in front of friends in October of 1989. He was eleven years old at the time. There have been many leads and a tremendous amount of investigation, but Jake is still missing. The Prequel to the Lives Trilogy, Taking Lives is actually dedicated to all missing children, but specifically dedicated to Jacob Wetterling.

Is there a message in my novel that I want readers to grasp?

I believe all and any writing, good writing, should teach a truth or make a truth apparent, so yes, in my writing, I want the reader to understand that the world can be both-sometimes at the same time- an ugly and beautiful place to live, and that there is always hope and the
human spirit is courageous and inspiring.

Do I have a detailed master plan or general idea when I write?
I have an idea and go with it. I don’t outline. I do a lot of pre-writing in my head way before I sit at a computer to write. There have been times when I sit down thinking that the story will go in one
direction, only to be happily surprised when it shifts in a different direction based upon dialogue, action, and setting. I know it sounds crazy, but I mean it when I say that sometimes, my characters take over and I become just the facilitator.

About Stolen Lives

Stolen Lives hi res

Three fourteen year old boys, Brett McGovern, Stephen Bailey and Michael Erickson are inextricably linked by abduction and murder. Brett, who was abducted from Indianapolis, fears that his captors will decide to kill him.

Stephen and Michael have been abducted, and the detectives on the case know that if they are not found within 24 hours, any chance of finding them is remote and they will be gone forever. A fourth boy, George Tokay, a Navajo, holds a key piece to this puzzle and doesn’t realize it. Pete Kelliher and his team of FBI agents have been tracking the murders of kids for the past 2 years. If they can find these two boys, they might find the answers to the questions that have been eluding them.

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Spotlight Wednesday: Betrayed by A Kiss by Kris Rafferty #giveaway

Betrayed by a Kiss Cover

Marnie Somerville is sure Dane MacLain is just another bad guy. Her job as resident investigator at Whitman Enterprises is to track down the owners of delinquent accounts, but something about Dane’s case is off, and Marnie can’t resist a good mystery. The secret files and cover-up she finds after hacking her boss’s computer are more than she expected, and now she’s fleeing her former employer…right into Dane’s arms.

Former detective Dane MacLain has spent the last year gathering intel against Whitman Enterprises, the company he believes responsible for his wife’s death. When a beautiful and intense woman shows up with information, Dane is willing to accept all she has to offer, especially when the help comes in such a sexy package. Caught in a deadly cat and mouse chase, Dane must do everything he can to protect Marnie as they run for their lives.


Kris Rafferty

Kris Rafferty was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After earning a Bachelor’s in Arts from the University of Massachusetts/ Boston, she married her college sweetheart, traveled the country and wrote books.  Three children and a Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mutt later, she spends her days devoting her life to her family and her craft.

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