Episode 41 Interview with Nicole Falls

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Welcome to A Reader’s Book Corner!

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing sports romance Author Nicole Falls. We discuss her New Beginning series, which features women pursuing sports careers mainly dominated by men.


*Women in sports career like in her sports romance series

*Finding her writing voice

*If she focuses on character or plot

*Nicole’s podcast and more.

The New Beginning series can be purchase on Amazon

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Website: www.nicolefalls.com

Instagram: @_nicolefalls

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Sneak Peek of Secret Omega by Romy Lockhart

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do this,” Ryan whispers, before he steps forward and pulls me into his arms. His gaze drifts to my lips before he dips his head to steal a kiss.

I feel his desire as he works my mouth open, and my nerves melt into lust and a desperate, urgent desire to beg him to claim me. My skin flushes at the thought of it.

He’ll think I’m crazy. I can’t ask for that. 

We’re both Betas. He can’t claim me as his for the rest of our lives like an Alpha could an Omega.

He pulls back to look me in the eyes. His gaze is heavy with lust, but there’s something else underneath it. Something warm and inviting. Something that makes my body melt for him.

“Secret, I love you,” he murmurs. “You’re the only person I can ever imagine wanting to spend time with. I see your face when I close my eyes. I think about you all the time. You’re everything I want.”

“I love you, too,” I tell him, feeling how happy it makes him to hear it back and not believing how intensely I can feel his love.

He grins and I know this is it.

This is so right. It’s so perfect. It’s so…

“Wait. Do you smell cake?” he asks, his gaze still kind of dreamy.

I do, and that scent isn’t coming from outside of this room.

Oh my God. I’m an Omega.

That’s perfume we’re smelling. A natural scent spurred on by deep relaxation or arousal. In this case it’s mostly arousal. My panties start to dampen. It’s only going to get worse.

The door opens behind us, making us both jump.

Leanne barely glances at us. “Time for cake!”

“That must be a hell of a cake,” Ryan murmurs. “It smells incredible.”

No, that would be my perfume.

I can’t say it. I still can’t believe it just happened.

Secret Omega

A Sweet Omegaverse Romance

by Romy Lockhart

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Secret Leto is going stir-crazy in the small town she grew up in. Full of Betas, Silver Lake is the safest place for an Omega in hiding, but she can’t stand to spend another second trapped there.

Passing for a Beta at Goldcrest College is so much harder than she expects. The big city is full of Alphas, and she’s starting to attract some attention that could ruin her shot at freedom.

Meeting a rare male Omega and his Alphas, her perfume is triggered, and there’s no going back. She can run from herself, but she can’t hide from her true mates.

Secret Omega is a standalone sweet omegaverse romance with college-aged characters, serious steam, and an HEA.

Goodreads * Amazon

Romy Lockhart writes paranormal reverse harem and M/F contemporary romance. All of her books contain steamy scenes between consenting adults. All of her reverse harems have harem ever afters, and all of her romance novels have happy endings. 

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Episode 40 The Spell Keeper by M. J. McGriff

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Welcome to A Reader’s Book Corner!

In today’s episode, I’m discussion The Spell Keeper by M. J. McGriff, book three in the Magian series. This is a fantasy novel about pirates continuing a mission, adventure and obstacles that will have you on the edge of your seat.


*New characters are introduced.

*Adventure is more intense

*A new powerful obstacle is introduced.

Links mentioned in this episode

Diversity is Lit Book Club discussion of Macario’s Sceptor

Interview with M.J. McGriff

A Reader’s Book Corner discussion on The Secret Library

The Spell Keeper is available on Amazon and B&N

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Website: www.mmcgriff.com

Instagram: @mj_mcgriff

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Book Spotlight of Take Me To The Cabin by Kaci Rose

Take Me to the Cabin

Mountain Men of Whiskey River Book 2

by Kaci Rose

Genre: Contemporary Mountain Man Romance

An awkward, shy mountain man. An easy going city girl. They each hold a secret that could destroy the other…

I never planned to be a runaway bride but the things I found out…

Now I’m starting over in the small town of Whiskey River, Montana.

Phoenix wasn’t part of the plan.

The shy virgin mountain man who I can’t seem to stay away from.

But he has secrets of his own.

When the past catches up to me not even he can help me this time…

This is Phoenix and Jenna’s story.
A Mountain Man, Runaway Bride, Billionaire, Virgin Hero Romance.

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Kaci runs on coffee, chocolate, and Oreos. She loves her book boyfriends with tattoos, muscles, beards, and a little dirty.

Kaci loves romance books and has been jotting down ideas since she was in high school and is now putting the ideas down on paper. She believes in satisfying, happily ever afters with a lot of steam on the way.

She was born and raised in Southwest Florida but is wholeheartedly a mountain girl. She has been reading as many books as she could get her hands on since grade school and loves to travel when she gets the chance.

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