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Meet The Author: Interview with Sheila L. Jackson


Contemporary Christian Romance and Suspense writer, Sheila L. Jackson grew up reading different genres and styles of writing. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine one day of becoming a writer herself. Years later, she decided it was time to take a leap of faith and put her pen into action.  Her passion is to write fictional stories that tackle real life issues.

When Sheila is not writing, you can find her at the movies. She is a huge fan of the Marvel/DC Cinematic Universe and action/thriller/suspense movies.

Sheila has penned many articles, such as: Only the Strong Survive, Count it all Joy, Suffering in Silence, and The World of Sports-When the Glitz and Glamour Ends, which all appeared in Dream Magazine. Sheila also wrote: Voting Booths -Speak now or forever hold your peace (during the 2008 presidential election) for the Shreveport Times

Mrs. Jackson has appeared on KTBS-TV, Comcast Cable Station, and KOKA with Barbara Norton (State Representative) & Curtis Wright, 1340 Super-Talk, KMJJ, and From Bondage to Freedom radio/studio broadcasts. Along with her media and radio appearances/interviews, she has also appeared in The Forum, SB Magazine, Dream Magazine, Urban Faith Magazine and The Shreveport Times.

Get To Know Author Sheila L. Jackson:

How does your faith fit into your books? 

There is no way that I could write Christian Fiction if my faith didn’t play a huge part in it. I have faced many obstacles in my life and it shows through my writing. The characters I created each have to face some type of difficulties in their lives, but it is their faith that brings them through.

What is your favorite positive saying or motivational phrase? 

 I coined this one myself years ago to help keep me inspired, “I want more out of life than just to exist.”

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. Never allow anyone to extinguish your dreams. God anointed you with the gift, not others.

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in your book? 

 A lot, some are lovable, witty, corny, dramatic, and aggressive. I have all these characteristics rolled up in one body, each shows up in my life when needed.

What is the most pivotal point of a writer’s life?

For me, when readers express how my stories helped them through difficult situations in their lives.  It’s a sign of validation, knowing that the words God has inspired me to write is reaching and helping others.

What do you like the most about being an author?

Knowing that lives are changed and life lessons are learned through the stories that I tell, is a blessing as well as rewarding. Whenever I want to give up on writing, there is always a reader that will send me a letter about how my books have changed his or her life. It fuels my spirit to continue on this uncertain journey as a writer.

Why did you write, Chasing A Dream?

For others to know that there is no age limit when wanting to start on a new career path. When God gives you the vision, it’s for you. Stop looking for validation from those who cannot see it.

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A family…a career…a dream…can a woman really have it all?

Florence Kinkaid is content as a small town clothing designer and seamstress. Married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of two sets of twins, she’s certain her life is complete. But deep in her heart a forgotten dream waits. A dream she tries to ignore. When a noted fashion mogul undertakes a nationwide contest to discover America’s next fashion designer, Flo wonders…what if?

Flo secretly enters the contest and is thrilled when she is named one of the top five finalists. When she tells her husband William, she’s shocked to find opposition in her own home. William wants things to stay as they are and does his best to discourage her from leaving. He calls her opportunity a pipe dream. Hurt, but determined to get a second chance at her dream, Flo decides to prove her husband wrong and follow her heart. But in doing so, will it cost her more than she’s willing to pay?


“William, we need to get away, just the two of us,” she said, seductively, staring at him chomping down on his food. He never looked up at her, making her feel some type of way. “There is a life outside of Gomer, you know.”

Chewing in rapid motion, he commented, “People are going crazy with these mass shootings and driving trucks with bombs into crowds, baby. We need to wait until things get better, then we’ll see the world.”

She rolled her eyes, tired of hearing the same old yadda, yadda.

“And besides, we can’t afford it right now.” He pushed his plate forward, sucked his teeth, and said, “Are you going through…um, what they call it?”

She cut her eyes over at him, annoyed, knowing what he was about to say.

“A mid-life crisis.”

“Are you serious, Will? It’s been years since the two of us have gone anywhere alone. And no, I’m not going through a mid-life crisis. I’m tired of coming in last place in this house.”

She stood from her seat, hands on hip, continuing her complaint.

“It’s bad enough that I’ve had to put my dreams on hold. And so have you.” She didn’t mean for that to slip out, but his cheapskate ways made her lash out and say what she’d been holding in.

“Look, I have to go.” He pushed from the table, wiping his mouth.  He tried leaning in to kiss her goodbye.

She winced, turning her face away from him.

He tried once more to touch her but she remained stiff as a board. “Flo, we’re not kids anymore and we’re certainly not getting any younger. It’s time we let go of these pipe dreams.”

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Meet the Author: Interview with Jonas Brinkley

Currently an independent author, Jonas Brinkley was born in Georgia and was raised by his mother in Tift County. His writing talent manifested from his teen years and by the encouragement from his relatives and friends, he developed it by taking the relevant college courses that honed not only his writing skills but also knowledge on various fields like theosophy and business. He founded (Voice of My Ancestors) Voma Publications LLC. J. Brinkley’s unconventional philosophies about life and love are a gift that ought to be shared with the world via writing.

Most authors have a writing process, can you share yours with us?

A chapter is between 1,500 to 2,500 words. I usually write two to three chapters a day.

How important is your writing process in getting your books completed?

It’s very important. The only way to complete a task is to work on it daily.

Your latest book is O’shay and Sanaa, tell us what inspired you to write their story?

This book is really based on a true story. I wanted to show people that people are unpredictable creatures. Aside from that, I knew the two people who shared this horrific event.

Tell us about O’shay London?

O’shay was a native of Florida and went to school to be a pilot. He landed a private company transporting cargo. He was tall, handsome and intelligent.

Tell us about Sanaa Holland?

Sanna was born and raised in Orlando Florida. She went to college to be a prosecutor but end up becoming a defense attorney. She was young, beautiful, smart, compassionate about life and people.

Why are you drawn to life and social issues in your novels?

I think life is beautiful but it is people ideologies that bring forth the chaos in life. I use my novels to express my truest thoughts and feelings about political and social issues. There will be people who i will reach and there will be people who i miss. Either way the objective is to paint the picture with my words and let people see the world through my eyes.

What advice would you give an aspiring author who is struggling with character development?

Make the character real like a person by giving him or her an age, date of birth, complexion, height, weight, unique facial express, a voice when speaking, occupation, living condition etc.

Tell us the meaning behind your publishing company name, Voma Publications, LLC.

( Voice Of My Ancestors ) I’m only sharing my voice and knowledge to the people via books.

As an author and publisher, what has been your biggest challenge?

Marketing. Writing a book is easy to me now. You need money and genuine people who has your best interest to help you market a book. There’s no cheap route in this game. You must invest in your product to expand or your book (s) will sit on the shelf and collect dust.

You have several titles out now,what motivates you to keep going?

I’m not where i want to be financially but in my mind each book is a brick to my home. Each book is a personal success and a step towards building my legacy.

Where can readers find you?

I have a lot of links, so feel free to visit my website to follow my other social media accounts.

About The Book

When O’shay London met Sanaa Holland, it was an instant attraction. They dated for a while and found themselves in love with each other. Finalizing their romance by tying the knot, O’shay and Sanaa found things between them starting to fall apart soon enough – happiness and fulfillment were replaced by grief and bitterness. As the couple grapples with the circumstances that change their lives forever, the question of what truly bonded them arose… LOVE, LUST or OBSESSION?


Sanaa sat in the dressing room of the breathtakingly beautiful Crystal Ballroom in Metro
West, Orlando, Florida. The wedding area was adorned with eighteen dimming chandeliers, pipe and drape backdrops with up lights, Silver Chiavari chairs, high top tables, ivory linens, gorgeous aqua and silver floral arrangements, aqua candles, candelabras, and ceiling drapery. She still couldn’t believe her wedding day had finally arrived. She had told her bridesmaids and her maid of honor to give her a minute to herself. Lana, Tasha, Renee, Niki, and her best friend, Bria, had been her girls since their early college days. She couldn’t imagine this day without them. After Bria had finished applying the finishing touches to Sanaa’s make-up, the ladies left the room and quietly closed the door behind them.

Sanaa stared at her reflection in the mirror as she reminisced about first meeting O’shay. They were both college students at the time. He was studying at the University of Central Florida, working towards a degree in Aircraft Engineering. He had wanted to someday become a pilot and Sanaa was studying Criminal Justice at Keiser University. She aspired to be a criminal defense attorney. They were at Starbucks, both of them cramming for midterms. Sanaa tried not to stare when he walked through the door, but he was so handsome, he literally took her breath away. She noticed him watching her too. He appeared to be somewhat shy, and that’s always a turn-on.

After a while, they both got up to leave at the same time and as fate would have it, they bumped into one another. They struck up a conversation and before parting, exchanged phone numbers and made plans to hook up. They were inseparable from that day forward. Now five years later, they both have promising careers and big dreams for their future. They were about to become husband and wife.

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Meet The Author: Interview with Marian L. Thomas


Award-Winning Author and Speaker, Marian L. Thomas, has penned five women’s fiction novels to date. Her books have been seen on national television stations such as the Oprah Winfrey Network, Ovation, and the A&E Network. She has been featured in print magazines, newspapers and a guest on local, national and online radio stations. For her book, I Believe In Butterflies, Marian ranked among the top 100 Most Popular Authors in Literary Fiction on Amazon. She spent most of her teen years in Oak Park, Illinois, but now resides in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband. She enjoys a good bag of popcorn, a plate full of pasta, and a grape pop.

A&RBC: When did you choose writing as your career?

M: I’d like to say it was when my first book was released, however, that wasn’t the case. That moment came with the release of Blue Butterfly, my fifth book.

A&RBC: You are an author, speaker and blogger, how do you balance it all?

M: My schedule is pretty tight but the way I learned to balance it all, is to prioritize tasks. There’s a saying…you have to eat-the-frog first. It means that you do the toughest things first. For me, that could be writing a blog post (although, I haven’t done this one in a while), preparing for a speaking engagement or watching the sun come up, while writing a chapter for a new book.

A&RBC: Do you outline your stories? Do you have a process in place for researching your plots?

M: I don’t outline my stories. I’ve considered it, but don’t feel as it that type of writing method works for me. I’m more of a sit at my computer and just start tying, type of author.

As far as researching goes. I do it along the way. When I get to a part in the story that requires research, I stop and do it. I’ve even stopped to call a friend who had better insight on the subject that I was writing about.

A&RBC: As an author you’ve built a nice platform, what two tips would you give aspiring authors who are wanting to build their writer platforms?

M: My first tip would be to start blogging or posting short stories on sites like Reddit. This gives readers a chance to connect with your writing style.

My second would be to use paid social media ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

A&RBC: What is the inspiration behind the butterfly series?

M: I write for women. My stories focus on what I call the ‘caterpillars’ of life —the ugly things that bring us pain and tears. When we, as women, find the inner strength to overcome those situations, that’s when those caterpillars become something beautiful.

A&RBC: Tell us about the main characters in The Caged Butterfly—Addie Mayfield., Timmy Taylor and Nina Taylor.

M: Addie Mayfield is a young southern black girl who, on one autumn night in 1949, falls for the irresistible red curls and vibrant green eyes of a young man from the other side of the railroad tracks. Neither knowing that the consequences of their love would have lasting effects.

Timmy Taylor: Timmy was known as one of the greatest white jazz pianists in New York, He never had a reason to question his identity – until truth and betrayal strike. His journey is a tale of deeply rooted sorrow, but ultimately becomes a story of love.

Nina Taylor. Nina is beautiful and talented. She inherited her father’s talent, but not his white skin. Certain that’s how he made it big, she dives deep into a deadly obsession.

A&RBC: What’s next for Marian L. Thomas?

M: I’ve got a copy of stories floating inside my head. One is a romance, the other is detective-type story. Haven’t narrowed it down yet but getting close.

A&RBC: What is your favorite quote?

M: It’s really a motto. I’m a firm believer that aspiring authors should Live. Laugh. Write. In that Order. In other words…Take Inspiration from life and write about it!

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

M: My website is the best place. It’s From there, readers can connect with me on social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About The Book

The Caged Butterfly by author Marian L. Thomas is the heartrending story of the Mayfield/Taylor family spanning four generations ranging from the 1930s-1990s. While the character-driven plot touches on relevant social issues such as child abuse, racism, skin bleaching, and suicide, ultimately it is a story of love and forgiveness.

The book begins with Addie Mayfield’s loving letter to her unborn child which plays a central theme throughout the plot. As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to Addie’s mother, son, and granddaughter: Millie, Timmy, and Nina. Alternating between the cities of Georgia, Chicago, and New York, and told through first-person narratives by each character, the plot follows the family’s history, relationships, triumphs, and sorrows. The book emphasizes self-acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption regardless of life’s hardships.

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Meet The Author: Interview with Kimberly Racquel

It’s a cold-hearted world, and unfortunately, a traumatic childhood left young Kira feeling as though her existence was collateral damage. Abandoned and betrayed by everyone responsible for her protection, left her no choice but to fight back. Guarded, unforgiving, outspoken, and vowing to never trust anyone with her heart, her mouth became her weapon.

Without realizing that her past would shape her future, Kira grew into a woman who lived her life with an ‘attack first’ mentality, until Mark walks into her life, but will he be able to withstand jaded Kira.

Tired of fighting with the demons from her childhoodKira seeks solace in the only place where she ever felt safe- her prayers and her journals. After years of struggling to find peace, Kira discovers it was there all the time, IF ONLY SHE COULD SHUT HER MOUTH!


I begged my mother to drop us off at Tricia’s house like she often did when she needed a babysitter.

“Just pick us up tonight when you get done,” I pleaded.

“No.” She was firm. “They want me to bring you down so they can ask you some questions.”

My stomach dropped yet again but this time like I was falling fifty stories down to a cement ground. To say I was freaking out, would put it mildly. I wanted to run and hide. What would they want to ask me? Questions racked my brain. What has my sister told them about me? Why did she do this? Was she serious about her devious threat just days earlier?

The ride to DFACS was like going to my own funeral. Out of frustration, Mama hit the steering wheel when she saw the PAID PARKING ONLY sign. Since we barely had money for the gas it took to get there and surely didn’t have enough to pay for the parking lot, we parked a block away before trekking to the office. Holding Mama’s trembling hand and sensing her fear, I pleaded with her not to make me go. I had an awful feeling that I wouldn’t see her again but she kept gently pulling me along.

Kimberly Racquel is married and raising three sons. She graduated Cum Laude from Central Michigan University and went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Administration.

Although she has quite a fewaccomplishments under her belt, she freely admits that some days her greatest accomplishment is just keeping her mouth shut.

Kimberly is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, whose passion for writing ignited when her mother gave her a journal as a birthday gift. She then began journaling as a way to speak her mind to vent and say the things she was afraid to say aloud. She says writing helps her cope with life and finds serenity within the sacred bond between her heart and her pen.

Expanding beyond journal entries into dynamic storytelling is how her debut novel “If Only I Could Shut My Mouth” was birthed. Kimberly notes that her book’s title has a deeper meaning which builds the foundation for her movement and mission to inspire others to move past the limiting phrase If Only I Could.

Get to Know The Author Kimberly Racquel:

What inspired you to write the book?

This book was inspired by my journal entriesand conversations with other women. I strongly believe in the power of the written word, specifically journaling, scripting, and writing affirmations, and used all of these to sort through events from my own childhood that had been impairing mycommunication with others. As a part of the process, I was moved to speak openly about how journaling was helping me sort through different events in my childhood as well as examine my family relationships. Ironically, as I shared my story with others, I discovered I was not alone and almost everyone I spoke to also had events from their childhood that they were still struggling with as adults. I wanted to do something to inspire other people to heal themselves. Writing the book was the perfect way for me to do this, so I blended my journal entries, imagination, and many of those events into a dynamic and fascinating story.

Who is your favorite author and why?

I have quite a few authors who I love and admire, but my favorite author is Teri Woods, who I recently met in person (yes, I’m still giddy). She’s my favorite author because of the way she makes you fall in love with her characters, even with their obvious flaws.

Your book addresses several family dynamics, but what jumped out to me was that you didn’t just explore parental relationships you also explored the familial dynamic of sisters, why is that?

I explored this because there are many sibling relationships that need to be repaired, but often these relationships remain distant, damaged, strained, and unhealthy because of the refusal to discuss openly the deep-rooted issues they experienced in childhood. This book takes a look at the complex relationship between two sisters and their different viewpoints even though they are growing up in the same household.

Do you consider your book Christian fiction since it contains scriptures and Biblical references?

No, not really. I have a strong faith in God, but I wouldn’t paint the book into just that category, it’s very contemporary with an urban fiction twist and a book that everyone can read, relate to, and enjoy, even men.

If you had to pick a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

My theme song would be “Masterpiece” by Jasmine Sullivan, because the entire song is a powerful affirmationIt inspires confidence and self-love.

What is a fun fact about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Ha! I love trap music! And, most people are surprised to learn that. I do admit that the lyrics can make you cringe, but, for the most part, trap music is motivational and gets you energized, and some days that’s what I need to get going.

What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

I have begun writing my second book, but right now I am almost finished with an Affirmation Journal that will debut on my one-year book-a-versary, May 20, 2019, and I’m really excited about it. It was inspired by feedback from my readers who wanted to begin journaling and self-reflection after they read my book.

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