Meet the Author: Interview with Chrissy Bee

Black Petals…My Life On Paper is a very rare, unique but savvy, special kind of poetry book. Created and written about real life experiences such as “broken souls” to “hopeful dreams”. This poetry book will hopefully bring a brilliant light into a once dark, despair, but faith growing heart…..soul…..mind and spirit for their GREATER…
“There are no GREATER agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”
                  ” I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” By Author:  Maya Angelou
I love writing and I consider myself as an creative wordsmith whether if it is for a book project, blog article, content I can put “WORDS” together in a instant for anyone, anything and at any place literally…When I develop ideas and themes I keep it original, professional, personal if need be and common. My first goal while writing  is to satisfy and make it as simple as possible for my audience to embrace, enjoy and want more……
Get to know Chrissy:
A&RBC: How did I come up with the title for my poetry book?
At first, I started writing the book as my personal journal which was in the year of 2007. I did not have a title for it back then I was just writing short diaries and poems to myself while I was going through some very emotional obstacles, unhealthy relationships and challenging choices where I would write back then and even unto today… for therapy!
A&RBC: Why did I choose to write the book in Poetry form instead of an Autobiography? 
Any who, when I decided to turn this journal into a book .about my life but yet be discreet..and not wanting an average autobiography either..I prayed about it and came up with creating it in rare poetry form and because I was and so many others have or are experiencing emotional and physical heartaches and abuse …that is how I came up with the title…Delicate but in a Dark Place… but only for a little while….”Black Petals…My Life On Paper..
A&RBC: How long have I been writing books?
Well,,,,I have been writing short stories, poetry, quotes and creating content ever since I was the age 17, especially after my mom passed away at the age of 37 with breast cancer and by me being the eldest child I had a large responsibility besides attending high school I also had to take care of my siblings so, therefore, I did not have much of an outlet but writing…However, I always had two dreams while growing up and even in my early adulthood which were to become in my life and was an #Author and a #Nurse and I am currently doing both NOW! Actually, this is my very first book which I self- published myself.
A&RBC: Who is your inspirations?
My two sons/two grandchildren, My two grandmothers (deceased) and my mommy c0b9f10e-90e9-4fe8-848c-f15875edf4ad(deceased)My reason being is because they ALL either had planted some sort of seed of strength mechanism by experiencing the struggle of life but yet still continued to press forward into their lives in order to make adjustments for me and others in my family to believe that we can do anything that we put our mindset to do and just leap by faith and do it even if you fall.!…There is no such thing as a failure in my vocabulary because I heard it all my earlier days of my life and I became toxic and damaged by it until I decided to remind myself that I am able to get back up after every fall until I get it right …and walk right into it…my divine destiny as an exceptional writer!
A&RBC: What are you currently working on?
  I am completing my second book which is a two part series #Urban fiction which I am so very excited about.I have not made mention of it actually until I meet with the publishing house for processing and then I will  briefly announce it on my social media pages and so forth and here, on AAMBC of course! My deadline for Part One will be late July 2017 early portion of August. I am also working on my blog articles of course, where I am the CEO of Queen Pen Guru Ink where I am developing an online courses for content writing, Mindset prep before launching out into the Author industry…and much more! I have a very vivid, creative imagination…..for this….I just love ii I even would like to write for scripts for movies and staged plays……
A&RBC: If I could write and work as a team who would it be?
Now, this is a difficult question which I came up for myself…actually because I have a lot of choices because there are so many influential authors, writers, mentors etc. that I have encountered ever since I have published my book, marketing my own product and creating my own content to get myself exposed to the writing world….So, my answer would be whomever that  fits within the plan of my divine journey and has my goals, ideas and growth at their genuine best interest and ONE MORE THING..I would love to do some writing for someone or with someone in to Atlanta, Georgia. I use to reside there years ago and I just could see myself NOW ..Anything is possible.. YES!
A&RBC: What would be a word of encouragement from Chrissy “Bee”?
To “Never Settle” Until YOU Have completed, accomplished and SUCCEEDED.!
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Meet The Author: Interview with Darin Gibby


In addition to a thriving career as a novelist, author Darin Gibby is also one of the country’s premiere patent attorneys and a partner at the prestigious firm of Kilpatrick Townsend ( With over twenty years of experience in obtaining patents on hundreds of inventions from the latest drug delivery systems to life-saving cardiac equipment, he has built IP portfolios for numerous Fortune 500 companies. In addition to securing patents, Gibby helps clients enforce and license their patents around the world, and he has monetized patents on a range of products.
Darin’s first book, Why Has America Stopped Inventing?, explored the critical issue of America’s broken patent system. His second book, The Vintage Club, tells the story of a group of the world’s wealthiest men who are chasing a legend about a wine that can make you live forever. His third book, Gil, is about a high school coach who discovers that he can pitch with deadly speed and is given an offer to play with the Rockies during a player’s strike. Gil soon discovers, however, that his unexpected gift is the result of a rare disease, and continuing to pitch may hasten his own death.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree, he is highly regarded in Denver’s legal and business community as a patent strategist, business manager, and community leader. He is also a sought-after speaker on IP issues at businesses, colleges and technology forums, where he demonstrates the value of patents using simple lessons from working on products such as Crocs shoes, Izzo golf straps and Trek bicycles.
An avid traveler and accomplished triathlete, Darin also enjoys back country fly-fishing trips and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. He lives in Denver with his wife, Robin, and their four children.
His latest book is the thriller, Chasing Hindy.

Q & A with Darin Hubby

In your experience as an patent attorney, has it had an influence in your writing career?

That’s how I really started my writing career. I decided to write a piece of non-fiction on the important inventors of the 19th century, focusing on why they were so successful and why today inventors in the US struggle to break through. From there, I branched off into fiction where I wrote The Vintage Club. The main character, Reggie, is a patent examiner, and I weaved some stories of patent examiners into the story line. Of course, my latest book, Chasing Hindy, has a patent attorney as the main character.

What motivated you to transition into writing books?

I initially wrote Why Has America Stopped Inventing? because of a significant problem I see in the US where we have lost our inventive edge. When writing about the lives of the 19th century inventors, I learned that I really liked to write. After that, I had a few good ideas for fiction and decided I would try it out. I discovered that fiction is much more challenging because the author not only needs a good story line, but also a character that the readers can fall in love with.

Where does the inspiration for your story plots come from?

Ideas for books come in the strangest ways. For me, they often just seem to fall out of the sky, usually at the most unexpected times. I’ve written books or articles from ideas that woke me up in the middle of the night, from thoughts that came to me while running triathlons, and while taking hikes deep in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve even had some ideas come while sitting on a ski lift during a freezing blizzard. I also love watching people to see what drives them. My characters usually come from watching someone with a major struggle in their life and how they react to their challenges.

The genesis behind Chasing Hindy came from a surprising source—a hypnotist. When I was in high school, we had an assembly where a hypnotist put a group of volunteers under hypnosis. One of the questions he asked them was what would be the fuel of the future. What fuel would people pump into their tank? Almost without exception they all said, “water!” The hypnotist then told the audience that every time he asked that question he received the same answer.

That was several decades ago, but I’ve always wondered whether that could possibly be true—and why all these people thought we’d all be driving cars that used water. In the following years, I realized that a car wouldn’t run on water per se, but from hydrogen that is extracted from water. The question, of course, is that if we know how to produce hydrogen, why aren’t there hydrogen cars? The answer is quite simple. As an engineer and patent attorney I know the science behind extracting hydrogen from water. The problem is that it takes more energy to do this than to just run a car on gasoline, or even electricity.

But what if somebody invented a way to make it happen? That’s the germ of an idea that led to Chasing Hindy.
Describe your writing style in 4 words.

“Character driven” and “action packed”.

You are known as an avid traveler, what has been your favorite place to visit?

That’s a hard question because I love nearly every place I go. Last year I visited St. Petersburg, Russia. I was surprised at the beauty of this city, including its architecture and artwork. The Hermitage certainly rivals the Louvre. And the people were so friendly. I wish our two countries got along better. I’d love to spend more time there.

Tell us about the main character in Chasing Hindy.

Chasing Hindy is really the story of Addy—a patent attorney with a dream to change the world. I decided on a female character (who was also a patent attorney) for several reasons. Perhaps the main reason was that female patent attorneys are in short supply and I wanted to encourage women to enter the profession. So I created Addy to hopefully show what a difference one person can make, and through her experience more women would want to become patent attorneys.

What I like most about Addy is how she reacts to the backlash from some poor decisions that were driven by her ambition. Even though she has been used by a ruthless company and may even lose her license to practice or her freedom, she decides to fight back. She believes in her cause and stops at nothing to make amends. I love strong characters and I think that’s why I love her story.

What city is the story based in?

Sunnyvale, California—I city where I used to live.

What do you want readers to take from your books?

My books all teach an important life lesson. While Gil is a baseball story, the book is really about how to transcend opposites and use that journey to open your heart to compassion. Chasing Hindy is about believing in yourself and following your passion.

What new projects are you working on?

I am currently working on a piece of historical fiction based in the mid-18th century. I was just at the New Jersey Historical Society doing research. I’m going to tell about an important and fascinating part of American history that has somehow been overlooked.

Where can readers find you?

The easiest way to obtain information on my books and writing is on my website:



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About the Book

ADDY’S DREAM AS a patent attorney is to help bring a ground breaking energy technology to the world. Addy’s hopes soar when she is wooed by Quinn, an entrepreneur, to join his company that has purportedly invented a car that can run on water using an innovative catalyst. After resigning her partnership to join Quinn, Addy discovers things aren’t as they seem. The patent office suppresses the company’s patent applications and her life is threatened by unknown assailants if she doesn’t resign.

When she is arrested for stealing US technology from the patent office she realizes Quinn has used her. Now, Addy must find a way to clear her name while salvaging her dream of propelling this technology to the world, all while powerful forces attempt to stop her.

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Meet the Author with April Henderson, Author of A Letter to You

April Henderson is an Author, Youth Advocate, and Speaker with extensive professional experience in the educational and social service field, targeting the needs of at-risk youth and their families. She obtained her Masters of Education in 2006, and has dedicated her leadership to servicing child victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, as well as homeless and runaway youth. In 2002, she started The Restoration Home, a nonprofit that offers programming for girls and young women.

April Henderson knows firsthand how turbulent it can be to cope with adversity during the teen years, as she lost her brother at the age of sixteen. Her journey of overcoming this tragedy and rediscovering her identity, hope, and courage led her to a career of working with youth in the social service field and education sector.

Get to know April:

 ARBC: What inspired you to write your book, A Letter to You?

My inspiration to write this book came partly from my own struggle of losing my brother at the age of sixteen. When I lost my brother, I was depressed, suicidal, and had an identity crisis- I wondered who I was now that he was gone. This was a very difficult and devastating time for me, and on top of that, I still had to deal with the dynamics of being a teen. Moreover, my inspiration came from leading a team while working with girls who were victims of sexual trafficking. I would have Tuesday Chats with the girls, and they could talk to me about anything. What I noticed during this time was that the girls shared many of the same issues. No matter the location where I worked, whether in the school system, in the church, at the homeless shelters, or with my current organization, there were common issues that all girls dealt with. I saw my “teen self” in these girls. From that point on, I thought about all the other girls who needed support, encouragement and guidance- and that is how the book came about.

ARBC: What can readers take away from your book?

Readers can expect to be encouraged, empowered, enlightened and inspired as they navigate their everyday lives. They will be challenged to grow and evolve overall as a person.

ARBC: Does your book have a lesson? A moral?

The letters are written from the perspective of an older sister/mentor talking to a younger sister/mentee. Each letter offers meaningful advice and key insights that will help encourage, educate, empower and inspire girls as they navigate through life.

ARBC: What is your favorite letter in this book, and why?

In all 50 letters, there is a section that states, “ From One Sister to Another”. This is where I inform the readers that I can relate to them. This is my favorite part because I believe that ultimately all people want to be understood. I try to communicate to the readers that “ I feel you, girl! You are not alone!”

ARBC: Are you planning to write other books?

I certainly am! I am already working on my next book! I feel like there is space for my voice in the world, and I am filled with stories and messages that I believe will resonate with others.

ARBC: What’s a cool/interesting fact about yourself?

Although I am truly a girly girl, there is still an inner tomboy inside of me. I am at home hanging with the girls sometimes, and the fellows as well!

ARBC: What is some advice you would give aspiring or first-time authors?

You don’t have to have all the answers before you start. Allow that creative flow to express itself naturally. If you only have a sentence at first, write it down! If you only have an idea, write it down! If you cannot write it down, record it so that when you are ready to write, you will remember it. Just get started! Just do it! One sentence will turn into two, and before you know it, you’ll have a paragraph. There is no perfect time, so you must start now. Take it from me a wife, mother of two small children and a professional. You can do it!

Find the book and the author:

Facebook: ACHenderson2

Instagram: ACHenderson1

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About The Book

A Letter To You is a book of 50 inspirational letters written to teen girls and young women. The letters cover various topics, from self-esteem and comparison issues, to relationships and decision-making. Other topics include overcoming loss and adversity, dealing with mean-girl behavior, and social media bullying. The work is written from the perspective of an older sister/mentor talking to a younger sister/mentee. Each letter offers meaningful advice and key insights that will help encourage, educate, empower, and inspire girls as they navigate through life.

Book Available for Purchase On: Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million

Interview with Mario D. King and Jae Henderson

Meet Mario D. King


Mario D. King writes to change the world with works that will spark an educational revolution. He made his literary debut in 2013 with the release of his hip-hop novella, The Crisis Before Midlife. Met with rave reviews by readers, he decided to continue to encourage change in the community through literature with the release of his first nonfiction project, What’s Happening Brother: How to strategize in a system designed for you to fail. In it, Mario provides a realistic discourse that embraces accountability and responsibility to systematically address the problems ailing the black community. Through his meticulous research, he explores solutions in education, entrepreneurship, leadership, community, and spirituality, amongst several other topics, to transform the thinking of black men and their respective counterparts. His love for the black family propelled him to embark on a different kind of journey with Where Do We Go from Here? King hopes that by helping to illustrate how misguided relationships can negatively affect the lives of all involved, people will make wiser decisions and strengthen black families.

Mario received his bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he studied global culture and communication, psychology and sociology. He received his MBA from Kaplan University and will continue to stir up change and motivate those with whom he comes in contact. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, this husband and father of three now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he continues to be a positive influence in his community.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

-I always knew I was going to do something related to the arts. That love for the arts soon transitioned into writing. So, in a way…you can say I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

What is your process working with a co-author?

-Working with Jae on the Where Do We Go From Here series was my first experience working with a co-author. I’ve enjoyed the experience. Our process has been just to feed off of each other’s energy. Working solo is easy in a way, meaning that you only have to question yourself as it relates to the path of your story. In contrast, working with a co-author you are challenged to compromise, which is good it takes you out your comfort zone and grows you as a writer.

How do you do research for your books?

-It depends on what I’m writing about. I gather research from a variety of sources. My best research is speaking with actual people.

Tell us about Natalie from Where Do We Go From Here II.

-Natalie is a flawed individual like the rest of us in this world. Jae was able to build and grow her character. I’ve known and know women like Natalie. I think she’s highly relatable and the audience will pick up on that. Like Natalie, many of us are in search of that one thing/person that gives us the validation we seek in life. Her validation just happens to be the love from Marcus.

What do you want readers to take from your books?

-I want readers to feel satisfied. I want them to feel as if the time they spent reading my material was worth it. Beyond that, I can’t think of anything else.

Where can readers find you?

-Readers can connect with me through various Social Media outlets.

Facebook: @authormariodking

Twitter: @MarioDKing

IG: @MarioDKing



Meet Jae Henderson


Jae Henderson’s writing exists to motivate others. She invites readers to join her on a most entertaining journey that imparts some sage wisdom and assists readers in further realizing that we may not be perfect, but we serve a perfect God. Now the author of five books, she began in 2011 with her debut inspirational romance novel, Someday. In 2012, she released the sequel, Someday, Too, and followed it with the finale to her trilogy, Forever and a Day in 2013. She followed those with two books of inspirational short stories, Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1 and 2.

Jae is a graduate of the University of Memphis where she earned a BA in communications and an MA in English. She is the former host and producer of On Point, a once popular talk show geared toward youth and young adults. Other accomplishments have included serving as a contributing writer for the award-winning, syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show and a successful career as a voice-over artist. Her signature voice has been heard in hundreds of commercials and even a couple of cartoons. When Jae isn’t writing, she works as a public relations specialist. She currently resides in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

How did you start in the public relations field?

My internship in grad school was at a minority-owned marketing firm and one of the services they offered was public relations. I naturally gravitated to it because of my background in radio and media. It was a great foundation for what I’m doing now. After I left the firm, I did PR freelance part-time and it eventually evolved into full-time. My company is called Put It In Writing Professional Writing Service and PR and we’ve been going strong since 2003.

How did you transition into doing voice over work?

I worked in radio for about ten years, and it was quite common for the production people to ask other employees and on-air talent to voice commercials. Although, I didn’t get additional pay for it. When one of the production people told me that there were companies that would be willing to pay me to do voice work I was like sign me up! I found a local company that represented talent and it kind of took off from there. My biggest “breaks” have been voicing commercials for national brands like McDonald’s, Regions Bank, Fred’s, Faygo and Applebee’s.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes. I’ve always written in some form but in college I was a broadcast journalism major. I wanted to be a television news reporter/anchor and I thought most of my writing would be for that field but I ended up going into a totally different direction writing PR materials and literary fiction. “Where Do We Go From Here” with Mario D. King is my eighth book. It’s been a great journey.

What is your process in working with a co-author?

Mario and I work really well together, and we basically took turns writing the chapters. We began with an outline to help us determine how we wanted the story to play out. We purposely made the outline very broad so that each of us was free to use our creativity. He wrote from the perspective of the primary male character, Marcus, and I wrote from the perspective of the primary female character, Natalie. Even though we each knew what we ultimately wanted to happen, we didn’t dictate to one another how it should happen. This made reading each other’s chapters very exciting. When I would see his chapter in my email, I couldn’t wait to read it and discover what Marcus would do or say and determine how Natalie would respond to it. During the review process, we edited one another’s’ work and gave feedback to make sure that things were consistent and made sense.

Tell us about the character Marcus from Where Do We Go From Here II.

Marcus is the charming successful good boy turned bad because he’s been hurt by love. Unfortunately, while trying to move past the hurt he unintentionally hurts others. He wants to do right but for a man who was used to working hard and getting everything he wants losing the love of his life threw him for a very big loop. One minute you love Marcus and the next you hate him. Mario has done a great job developing him, and I’ve enjoyed watching Marcus work through his problems/pain and struggle to get back to being the man his Christian parents raised him to be. I believe the readers will too.

 What do you want readers to take from your book?

That every decision has a consequence and your actions often impact more than yourself. Therefore, it’s very important to choose wisely.  I also want them to walk away saying, “Dang that was a good book, and I can’t wait to read the sequel. Jae Henderson and Mario D. King make a great team.

Where can readers find you?

About The Book


Purchase at

When Temptation, Secrets, Betrayal and Heartbreak Collide!

It seems as if the no strings attached relationship between Marcus and Natalie has left them in quite the predicament. Marcus, the handsome successful bachelor, now finds himself in the role of soon-to-be father while trying to sort out his feelings for three different women. There’s Natalie, the pleasant distraction turned soon-to-be mother of his child; Chanel, his rebound ex-girlfriend and former friend of Lisa, the woman he was once madly in love with and wanted to marry. Deep down, Marcus wants to be a good man but he’s finding it hard to be with one woman when his heart is cut into pieces.

Natalie, the not-so- innocent bystander in this whole ordeal has a secret she’s fighting hard to keep. If she confesses her sins the baby she’s carrying might not be enough to hold on to the man she yearns for. But Marcus isn’t the only one with options. Jackson, her generous and supportive boss, is offering her a sweet escape.

the drama. Will Marcus choose love with Natalie or head in another direction? And if he does choose Natalie, will she still be there waiting to welcome him home.

Delve into part two of this entertaining thought-provoking series that expertly illustrates what can happen when you allow lust to determine your direction. There could be consequences and repercussions of epic proportions that leave you asking the question, “Where Do We Go From Here


You can find the Where Do We Go From Here series at