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Sneak Peek of Hearts of Purpose by Gail G. Nordskog

Gail Grace Nordskog has established the “Gail Grace Nordskog Collection” to embolden readers to live their lives with a “heart of purpose” for God’s glory. Gail has been involved in media for over two decades. She presently produces and hosts a program called Hearts of Purpose, that can be seen on her website, Gail and Jerry Nordskog live in Ventura, California, where they have raised six children, four of whom were adopted from China.

About The Book

You have a call on your life. My desire is to encourage you to live life in fulfillment of that call. Following the example of Joan of Arc, you can be inspired to live out your purpose in first hearing from God and then taking your stand in following Him. Just as Joan of Arc could step forth in full confidence under the banner of her calling, so we too are under God’s banner as we step out to fulfill our purpose. Hearts of Purpose brings you ten real-life stories about ten ordinary women doing extraordinary things for the Glory of God. As you read of how God called these women to service, you will be motivated to explore His call in your own life. Let this reading experience be an invitation for you to take a step closer to fulfilling your God-given calling in Christ Jesus.


Mary Ann Ambroselli (chapter 1 starting on page 21)

On January 5, 1965, at 10:18 p.m. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces. I was told when the baby was born that I would not see him or be able to hold him, and that he would be taken to his awaiting adoptive parents. I also knew that adoptive parents often did not tell their adopted child that they were adopted, so chances were that he would never know about me. The morning after he was born, a nurse who did not know my baby was being adopted brought him to me and laid him in my arms. Another nurse came in right away and apologized for the mistake, and took him away. To this day, I am grateful for that moment.

I was able to look into his face and tell him I was doing this because I loved him and wanted him to have a life that a two-parent family could give him. The image of his perfect little face is imbedded in my memory. To date, I do not know anything about him or if he knows he was adopted. I continue to pray for him!

As I left the hospital with my mom, depression and sadness set in. I struggled with the meaning of life and what to do next. I did not want to go to church. Facing people there would be much too hard. Besides, all that had happened in my life did not reveal to me that God was loving or compassionate. And, I was sure He did not care about me. I spent my days crying a lot. I had six weeks from the day of my baby’s birth to change my mind about adoption, which I did consider. Dad said there was no way he would support me and the baby. Since I had no idea what I would do or how to support myself with a baby I decided that signing the adoption papers was best for all involved. Even though he may never read this, the following poem written for my son has brought me a lot of comfort.

Blood Mother Farewell

I’ve carried you beneath my heart, and now must let you go.

That you will not remember this, or me, as I do you.

The years will take you even farther from my reach and view. Now other eyes will cherish you, and other arms embrace,

Now other tears will fall for you, and other voices sing,

Yet this I do, that you may never want for anything; not even distant echoes of my weeping as we part; The name I name you, or the thunder of my breaking heart.

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Spotlight Wednesday with In This Breeze by Kathleen Maree

In This Breeze
Lakeshore University #1
By Kathleen Maree
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: August 24, 2017

A nerd. A quiet art student. A nobody.

Or perhaps, just some girl.

These are the non-spoken titles I was known as since I started at Lake Shore Uni almost two years ago now. When given the chance to leave my horrific childhood behind – I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I was ecstatic to have the door hit me on the ass on my way out of town; because the only two things I actually loved in my traumatic life…
Were coming with me.

And whilst the three of us shared the same beat-up truck when we moved here – that’s where the similarities unfortunately end.

Ethan ‘The Mule’ Jones, is kind of a super star on campus. Everywhere he goes he seems to draw attention. I guess that’s what happens when you’re headlining papers as the star basketballer for the LS Eagles. But to me, he’s just Eth. A boy who still spends his Friday nights snuggled up watching movies with me, and who walks me to classes just to make sure I get there okay. He is my best friend in every way, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

And then there’s Jase.

The truth is I knew from the moment I met Jase at the local skate park, when he was smoking a cigarette and teasing Eth for his poor skating ability, of how fiercely protective he was about those he cared for. From the time he blew his warm breath over my injured knee, to when he thankfully intervened on the most horrific day of my life. A day, that still haunts me when I am alone in the dark.

He saved me.

But Jase has his own demons too. Even if he doesn’t go looking for it, trouble always seems to find him. Which is why he has been absent from our lives for the past two years.

Sometimes I wonder what he’s doing.

Quite often I worry if he’s okay.

And I always, always, think about him.

Even though I shouldn’t.

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From the earliest age I was a born storyteller.

Ask my parents and they will tell you I had a gift for making a simple event seem like an elaborate one. Purposely? No. Innocently? Yes. It was my imaginary world that initially led me to believe I wanted to be an actor. All of that role playing and living in fantasy… it was an obvious direction for me. However, becoming quite uncomfortable with the limelight quickly saw that dream diminish.

Over the years I turned my world of fantasy into stories, and eventually began writing them down. Before I knew it, ‘Cut’ had been completed.

When I am not busy writing my next story, I am a working mum, housewife and sometimes hockey wag 🙂 In other words, probably some kind of circus act who specialises in juggling 😉

I hope you enjoy my blog, where I will be posting thoughts, other books I am currently reading and even sneak peeks of my novels. I encourage any feedback, comments or direct messages via my contact page should anyone wish to get in touch.

I am so thrilled to be sharing my journey and hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Dream often. Believe always.

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Meet The Author

Meet the Author: Interview with Spring Edwards

Spring Etta Edwards was born and reared in Chicago Illinois.  She is one of 12 children.  Spring’s the mother of three children, and grandmother of nine.  She has a master’s degree from Capella University in Human Resources Management.  Spring Etta Edwards currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada as a Human Resources Manager and along with her youngest sister is the caregiver to their 90 year-old mother.

Get to know Spring:

Is this the first book you’ve written?

No, I was asked to write a book as part of an art exhibit in grade school, so my first book was bind in the sixth grade.

Why did you write this book?

Whenever I would discuss growing up one of 12 children to a single mom, and the struggles of living in poverty, and the projects, someone would always say, “You should write a book.”  It had been on my mind for many years, and literally days before my late husband passed, my spirit told me to write the book.

How long did it take you to write your book?

It took me approximately two months to write an extremely rough draft of about 110,000 words.  I started the manuscript the first week of April in 2013 and completed it in mid-June 2013.  I was unable to edit the chapters concerning my late husband, so it set on a shelf until last year.  While it was still difficult to edit the chapters, I was able to complete a couple of edits before publishing.

It’s an autobiography, did you struggle with sharing such personal details about your life?

Discussing my life has never been an issue for me; however, I was concerned about discussing family, but this is my story to tell, and if you’re going to write an autobiography, it must be truthful whether it’s good, bad or ugly.

What advice can you give to someone who’s interested in writing a book, but don’t know where  to begin?

The most honest answer I can give is, if you don’t have a passion for writing, it can be a struggle.  If this is not the case, then start with a memory, idea or something that you’re well versed in, or have experience or knowledge of.  Don’t worry about the order of your thoughts, just write them down.  The editing process can handle placement.

Are you working on any current projects?

Yes, my next project is like the prequel to my autobiography.  One reader wanted to know why I was so scared of my mother growing up, and this is discussed in my next project.

Who are your literary inspirations?

I’m a big fan of Lawrence Sanders’ (R.I.P.) work.  He wrote murder mysteries with a dry sense of Humor.  Danielle Steele is also one of my inspirations.  She writes love story, but not necessarily the romance type novels.  I also enjoy reading autobiographies in general.  One of my favorites is  Angel’s Ashes by the late Frank McCourt;  I was able to relate to his impoverished childhood.

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I Wish You Would is the Autobiography of Spring Etta Edwards, which chronologies her life in the hood from birth in Cabrini Green to the major move from Chicago’s west side to the Robert Taylor Housing Projects on the south side of Chicago.  In I Wish You Would, Spring takes you through her life from a bullied child to her high school years, her love life and her journey into womanhood.  Her life is relatable to scenarios women, and people in general are experiencing right now in their everyday lives.

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“I don’t want no Scrub…” TLC made this song popular in the 90s; however, I was living this song in the summer of 1976. School was out, and I was going to be a senior in the fall. My friends and I would be discussing which college we were going to attend. It was the first day of summer break. I came downstairs to wait for Friend1, so we could hang out. I was looking good, wearing one of the halter dresses Idol had made, and my signature dark burgundy lipstick. You couldn’t tell me shit. Guys were complimenting me as they walked or drove by. My ego was pumped. My tits had finally caught up with my onion, so I was feeling fine.

It was taking my girl a minute to come downstairs, and low and behold a car slows up, and the Scrub starts hollin’ at me. I actually caught the eye of the best friend who was driving, and he was the one who wanted to stop. The best friend was fine, Scrub, not so much. I was sitting on the steps of DuSable high school, and they asked if they could join me. I lied and said I was waiting for my boyfriend hoping this would deter them, but the Scrub said, “We’ll wait with you.” Damn! The best friend sat on the large concrete base to my left, and the Scrub sat right next to me on the school steps. Although the best friend was fine, he was dull as hell. Scrub had a great sense of humor and kept me laughing. He wasn’t nearly as cute as the best friend, but his physique appealed to me more. Both brothas had banging bodies, but Scrub had more of an athletic build, and I liked that.

I was only 17 at the time, but I looked older than my age. The Scrub tried to guess my age, and I let him think I was 22 and in my senior year of college. He told me he was 28. I know I said I wanted a man, but damn, seriously…My girl finally came down, and I introduced her to the best friend. The Scrub and I decided to go sit in the car, and get better acquainted. By now, I was starting to like him, and he said, “It looks like your man stood you up,”

I replied, “it looks like you’re right.”

Scrub said he didn’t like my lipstick, and asked if he could kiss it off?  I said yes, and we kissed…Ugh,

Book Reviews

Book Review: Wait for the Rain by Maria Murnane

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Title: Wait for the Rain

Author: Maria Murnane

Publication date: February 24, 2015

Genre: Women Fiction

Rating: 4 Stars=Great Page Turner

Wait for the Rain by Maria Murnane brings to mind a girl’s trip of rediscovery, especially after meeting the characters in this book. The main character, Daphne is going through a rough time since her divorce and with her ex-husband decided to remarry. Daphne needs a change so she takes a vacation with her college friends to the Caribbean to celebrate they are turning forty. Daphne’s luck changes after meeting Clay Hansen, a handsome man to make her forget all the issues she left at home. Clay is younger than she is which causes hesitation but Daphne may just let her hair down.

As the story progresses, you learn more about these three friends and everything that has happened to them before turning forty. This was a well-written book with well-developed characters. The focus of the book, which is these women rediscovering who they are and what they want out of life, keeps you reading. It also helps you understand there is life after divorce especially when you have close friends who are there for you. The message in this book is helpful for those dealing with divorce, break-ups and just wanting a change in their life. This book would be a wonderful book club selection and I recommend it to others.

Reviewed by Teresa Beasley