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Meet The Author: Interview with Marian L. Thomas


Award-Winning Author and Speaker, Marian L. Thomas, has penned five women’s fiction novels to date. Her books have been seen on national television stations such as the Oprah Winfrey Network, Ovation, and the A&E Network. She has been featured in print magazines, newspapers and a guest on local, national and online radio stations. For her book, I Believe In Butterflies, Marian ranked among the top 100 Most Popular Authors in Literary Fiction on Amazon. She spent most of her teen years in Oak Park, Illinois, but now resides in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband. She enjoys a good bag of popcorn, a plate full of pasta, and a grape pop.

A&RBC: When did you choose writing as your career?

M: I’d like to say it was when my first book was released, however, that wasn’t the case. That moment came with the release of Blue Butterfly, my fifth book.

A&RBC: You are an author, speaker and blogger, how do you balance it all?

M: My schedule is pretty tight but the way I learned to balance it all, is to prioritize tasks. There’s a saying…you have to eat-the-frog first. It means that you do the toughest things first. For me, that could be writing a blog post (although, I haven’t done this one in a while), preparing for a speaking engagement or watching the sun come up, while writing a chapter for a new book.

A&RBC: Do you outline your stories? Do you have a process in place for researching your plots?

M: I don’t outline my stories. I’ve considered it, but don’t feel as it that type of writing method works for me. I’m more of a sit at my computer and just start tying, type of author.

As far as researching goes. I do it along the way. When I get to a part in the story that requires research, I stop and do it. I’ve even stopped to call a friend who had better insight on the subject that I was writing about.

A&RBC: As an author you’ve built a nice platform, what two tips would you give aspiring authors who are wanting to build their writer platforms?

M: My first tip would be to start blogging or posting short stories on sites like Reddit. This gives readers a chance to connect with your writing style.

My second would be to use paid social media ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

A&RBC: What is the inspiration behind the butterfly series?

M: I write for women. My stories focus on what I call the ‘caterpillars’ of life —the ugly things that bring us pain and tears. When we, as women, find the inner strength to overcome those situations, that’s when those caterpillars become something beautiful.

A&RBC: Tell us about the main characters in The Caged Butterfly—Addie Mayfield., Timmy Taylor and Nina Taylor.

M: Addie Mayfield is a young southern black girl who, on one autumn night in 1949, falls for the irresistible red curls and vibrant green eyes of a young man from the other side of the railroad tracks. Neither knowing that the consequences of their love would have lasting effects.

Timmy Taylor: Timmy was known as one of the greatest white jazz pianists in New York, He never had a reason to question his identity – until truth and betrayal strike. His journey is a tale of deeply rooted sorrow, but ultimately becomes a story of love.

Nina Taylor. Nina is beautiful and talented. She inherited her father’s talent, but not his white skin. Certain that’s how he made it big, she dives deep into a deadly obsession.

A&RBC: What’s next for Marian L. Thomas?

M: I’ve got a copy of stories floating inside my head. One is a romance, the other is detective-type story. Haven’t narrowed it down yet but getting close.

A&RBC: What is your favorite quote?

M: It’s really a motto. I’m a firm believer that aspiring authors should Live. Laugh. Write. In that Order. In other words…Take Inspiration from life and write about it!

A&RBC: Where can readers find you?

M: My website is the best place. It’s From there, readers can connect with me on social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About The Book

The Caged Butterfly by author Marian L. Thomas is the heartrending story of the Mayfield/Taylor family spanning four generations ranging from the 1930s-1990s. While the character-driven plot touches on relevant social issues such as child abuse, racism, skin bleaching, and suicide, ultimately it is a story of love and forgiveness.

The book begins with Addie Mayfield’s loving letter to her unborn child which plays a central theme throughout the plot. As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to Addie’s mother, son, and granddaughter: Millie, Timmy, and Nina. Alternating between the cities of Georgia, Chicago, and New York, and told through first-person narratives by each character, the plot follows the family’s history, relationships, triumphs, and sorrows. The book emphasizes self-acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption regardless of life’s hardships.

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